How it works.

Welcome to Carable. We connect buyers and sellers -- then we stick around to make sure the deal gets done and everybody drives away happy.

First, find out how much that car is worth.

Sellers can use Carable’s free online valuation tool to help set a price. It’s powered by BlackBook and gives you an instant estimate of what a dealer might offer at trade-in.

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Firestone - Complete Auto Care
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The Carable Inspection

The seller takes the car to any Firestone Complete Auto Care location so a certified mechanic can check it out. Nobody’s perfect (and neither is your car), so we check 241 points and note any defects or issues. We even take all the photos for your sale page.

The Service Contract

Every car comes with peace of mind, thanks to Carable’s 3-month/3K-mile service contract.

The Auction Begins

The online listing includes the car’s Firestone inspection report, 24 photos and notes or comments from the seller. We even cross-list the cars on Craigslist to reach as many buyers as possible. The seller sets a reserve price and a suggested starting price.

Let’s make a deal

Buyers can browse the inventory 24/7, and point, click, buy. Questions about a car? We’ll contact the seller on the buyer’s behalf. To buy or make an offer, buyers register with Carable so identities can be verified.

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Show me the money

Financing is available, or buyers can upload payment to a temporary holding account via a secure bank-to-bank transfer. Funds are released to the seller’s account when the vehicle is handed over to the buyer.

Time for a handshake

Carable helps the buyer and seller coordinate a meet-up. The buyer verifies that the car is presented as promised, and the seller hands over the keys. Carable advises the parties on title transfer procedures.

That’s it!

Drive away happy.