We are always looking for the best investors to support the company. We have the greatest respect for building a marketplace and are on a mission to tackle all the challenges ahead of us. If you share our vision and values, don´t hesitate to reach out. We are looking for knowledgeable, experienced and well connected investors that can support the team while joining us on our journey to disrupt the used car market. Contact us for a chat, pitch deck or come by for a strong cup of Swedish coffee.

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We are a hard working team on a mission.

We like to work close to the people supporting us in full transparency and interactivity versus writing long reports. Sometimes that's not possible, so this is our Investor Update Oath (proudly stolen from an entrepreneurial colleague):

Sunshine & Thunder

We will not craft updates centered around charts going up and to the right and a message about us crushing it. Instead we will always be completely transparent about both the good and the bad so you can reach out and help us.

Practicing brevity whenever possible

We will not fill our updates with a laundry list of everything happening in the business. We have previously fallen into the trap of feeling as though we had to show our investors how hard we were working all of the time. We now know that investors understand better than anyone just how much time and effort founders put into their company. When it's in the update, you know it's important for you to know.

Communication, communication, communication...

We will never find the perfect balance of communication. Not too much, not too little. All investors will have their own views on the perfect balance. However, in every communication we would love your input and advice capitalizing on your previous experiences having seen the best companies at our stage and the challenges they encounter.

Contact & Press:
Carable Inc.
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Office number: +1 (469) 730 4455

For inquiries please contact our founder direct:
Patrick Juthberg
Direct: +1 (214) 809 9070